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What if?

Ever thought that its almost 30 days since we are staying in our home and we are Quarantine but ever thought what is happening with the pets which use to stay on our street whom we have surely seen barking or shaking there tails when you look at them back. What if when all this get over they get died coz of no food? So don’t forget to put water and some food outside your House and on the roof for birds. And if possible do Donate some amount so we can feed them.
Thank you.

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Sunday, 5th April,at 9pm, 9 minutes for our Country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, addressed the nation via a video message and asked everyone to observe a ‘jagran’ on Sunday, 9 pm by switching off all the lights in the house and light candles in our homes and balconies or use the flashlight of our mobile phones for 9 minutes to show that we are in this together.

PM Modi said, “It has been nine days since the nationwide lockdown. The way all of you have followed this has been unprecedented. Government, administration and people have worked together.”

“Today, many other countries are following this example. This has given everyone an idea of our unity and shows that the country can come together to fight the coronavirus,” he added.

He further said, “Some may be thinking how can I, alone, fight this virus and the situation. Some may also wonder how much longer will we have to continue in this lockdown.”

“We are definitely in a lockdown, at home, but we are not alone. The strength of 1.3 billion people is with you. When the country is fighting such a big battle, people play a very important role. It gives us strength, inspiration and illuminates the path we walk on,”PM Modi said.

Highlighting the condition of the economically backward class, PM Modi said, “The most impacted are our poor brethren. They have been hit due to this darkness and uncertainty. We need to help them walk towards the light. We need to defeat coronavirus.”

Hence, I ask all of you, that on Sunday, April 5, we all should fight the darkness of coronavirus. We have to challenge this coronavirus. At 9 pm on Sunday, I need 9 minutes of your time. Switch off all the lights of your house. Stand at the door or in the balcony and light a candle, diya or use the flashlight of your mobile phone,” he said.

He added, “The light that you illuminate, will show that we are all fighting with one cause in mind. This will show that we are not alone.
We are in this together.”

He also said, “I have one more request — during this time, please do not get together in groups or step out on the roads. This has to be done from your house. Do not violate social distancing. This is the only solution to break the chain of the coronavirus.”

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