Choice Is Yours!!

Despite the religious significance and daily importance of the Ganges River for the people here…it is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. Pollution is caused by both human and industrial waste.. as well as religious events. much of our waste, including raw sewage is dumped into the river. Also, many people bathe and use the river to clean laundry..and throw plastic materials in the Ganga.Just remember, there is no Banaras without Ganga.. we consider..we call River Ganga ‘Ganga Maa’ …and see what we doin’ to her😕This is disgusting. How can we be doin’ this to our ‘Maa’ Please help stop this happening with each reusable items and by stopping ourselves or someone else throwing plastic and garbage in to the River.y’ll want Ganga maa’s aanchal filled w plastics and wastes, and dead fishes floating…?😑Our challenge, Our choice.Every single person can do something about it.

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